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Pueblo de Oro Recognizes Top Sellers for Batangas and Pampanga

Batangas Top Sellers with PODC SeniorManager Francis Florido (rightmost).

Pueblo Batangas held its 1st QuarterThanksgiving Lunch and Recognition last August 8, 2016 at Max’s Tanauan City, Batangas. Project updates, promotions and upcoming products were presented during the lunch meeting. Also recognized were the top sellers and brokers for the 1Q 2016, namely: Corinthians Realty, Nurse Realty and Torch Realty. The Top Agents wereRommel Reyes, Maria Veronica Suterio and Alexis Frias.

PODC’s Francis Florido and Don Bunye with Pampanga Top Seller CAB Realty.
Meanwhile, Pueblo Pampanga held a mid-year Thanksgiving Lunch on August 24, 2016 to recognize the top performing sellers for the first semester of 2016. Top sellers for Pampanga were CAB Realty, RBQ Realty and Gueshaus Realty. The sellers were also introduced to new Pueblo de Oro Sales and Marketing Manager Don Bunye IV.
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